All services are designed to deliver customer value. Value are usually objectives important to your organisation, we simply help you achieve your organisations objectives (known as business alignment). 




DelCorp Data (DCD) is a Melbourne based IT services firm. We server Small to Medium sized enterprises (SME). Although we are certified with many vendors such as Splunk, Cisco, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and more. As a default view we offer vendor neutral solutions unless you ask otherwise.



We are a consultancy with managed service provider (MSP) and  managed security service provider (MSSP). 

Ideally we handle all issues with open standards, however we also work strongly with vendors such a proprietary software with all the regular skills you would expect from a IT service provider such as networking, programming and other technical services. 

Think of us as your outsourced IT department. 


Our services range from one-off consulting services to ongoing managed services.


Our method is to an iterative methodology, meaning you see results quicker. 

We focus on short iterations/bursts of development ranging from two to three weeks, instead of the long waterfall methodology which could take many months and years to release working solutions.  

OUR Values

Communciate effectively, customer first and respect for DCD staff always.


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