You get free IT support,  you get free IT support, everyone gets…


Non-clients are welcomed to submit an enquiry. We offer free tier 1 support which is general advice in nature, but does point you in the right direction. 

How IT works?

Simply register below and submit an enquiry, that simple. See the video below how to raise a free it support ticket. 

Our Support Tiers

*Tier 1 support

Free support 

General in nature, we provide guidance to solve userability issues, applications problems and other well known IT issues. Fair use policy applies which means you should raise one to a few tickets per month. 

Tier 2 support

Paid support package

Is investigative, usually involves a specialist with hands-on problem solving solutions. Solving specific application, security, domain, hosting and other well known IT issues.

Tier 3 Support

Paid support package

Is a trained specialist support technician usually revolving around a specific technology, platform, vendor or custom made support solutions as per a service-level-agreement (SLA).